IGL Ecoclean Precoat 5L

Fjerner rester av oljer etter polering og klargjøre overflaten før coating eller voks.

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IGL sin Panel Wipe fjerner rester av polish som igjen sikrer at coatingen vil binde seg direkte til overflaten.

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Whipedown / kontrollspray
Fjerner oljer etter polering
Etterlater ingen rester

Ecoclean Precoat is a cleaner and surface prep crafted to dissolve oil particles and eliminate stubborn polish residue for the perfect ceramic coating application.

This essential cleaner forms the foundation for a seamless application of IGL Coatings’ ecocoat series, ensuring a meticulously primed surface.

With precision, Ecoclean Precoat excels in breaking down the bonds of waxes, oils, and polishes. It provides an effortless way to wipe the surface clean for the perfect ceramic coating application. This breakthrough formulation makes achieving a flawless finish with the ecocoat series a breeze. Want to learn how to apply ceramic coatings with ease? Ecoclean Precoat is the essential and perfect tool needed to ensure the best adhesion for the perfect applying ceramic coatings.

Renowned in the industry for unparalleled surface preparation capabilities, Ecoclean Precoat readies your vehicle’s surface for optimal protection against harsh weather conditions and environmental contaminants. It’s time to incorporate Ecoclean Precoat into your car care routine, securing your prized possession with enduring resilience.


  • eliminates polish residue, wax, glue, grease and oil
  • ready-to-use mixture.

Area Of Application:

  • all surfaces.

How To Use:

  • spray onto surface evenly
  • wipe with an IGL microfiber cloth
  • fold the cloth and wipe again with the clean side
  • repeat again for the 3rd time.

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